Feathers of Gold

April 21, 2010
By Kimberly Tan SILVER, Saratoga, California
Kimberly Tan SILVER, Saratoga, California
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The lion, the powerful,
darting through the woods—
soft footfalls, barely audible
give way to yawning jaws,
consuming his prey
in eternal flame.
Ruler of the land,
he holds power, knowledge.
With knowledge
comes painful truths—
arrogance, greed—
consuming the lion, their victim
in ceaseless turmoil.
He prowls the night,
silence lingering
for he cannot confide.
He alone
must shoulder the burden, the trials,
that come with power.

The lamb, the submissive,
darting from the woods—
rapid footfalls, blundering about
give hints of a narrow escape.
Meek and naïve,
he remains ignorant, sheltered
in the warm haven
of his herd.
He scampers in the daylight
surrounded by friends
accepted, loved,
to the woes of the lion.

The sharp, insightful finch,
preening her golden feathers,
analyzes the scene unfolding—
the lion, alone,
the lamb, with his herd—
she trembles at the authority of the lion,
but aspires to be like the lamb.

The author's comments:
While writing this piece, I realized that friends are the backbone to happiness. Constantly competing for success may seem to bring happiness, but it often drives loved ones away. The lion represents a powerful individual, while the lamb symbolizes someone who is less successful, but is happy. The finch watches both the lion and the lamb, and decides to follow the lamb's path. I hope while reading this poem, people will reach out to make true friends, and stop competing with others all the time.

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