Homage To My Feet

April 8, 2010
By punkprincessx62 PLATINUM, West Seneca, New York
punkprincessx62 PLATINUM, West Seneca, New York
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These feet
Small as they are
Have seen things
That no others can
Fitting into shoes
That one can only dream of
Ribbons and lace
Silk and rubber
These feet have seen all

They have gained strength
From years of dance and celebration
From rehearsal rooms with music flowing
To football fields with the marching band
And sweaty stages where the lights beat
Down mercilessly upon every inch
They go where they want
With an independence all their own
Thanks to the beautiful arch
They move so swiftly
With movements so majestic
One can be taken aback
With the fact that such small things
Can accomplish so much

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