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April 8, 2010
By Twan55 BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
Twan55 BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Favorite Quote:
If you don't stand for nothing
U will fall for anything

What more can u take
F*** a sad song
What they had left is gone
Cause the earthquake took they home
Like a rock hit a brick
Like a beat wit no song
Like a body wit no air
Like them wit no home
How do u feel right now
Turn your head and let them fight
U keep doing what u do
Cause today I'm helping Haiti’s tonight
Ova 200,000 dead
And they smelling fresh teeth
Every corner u look at
U see mass graves of 80’s 50’s or 23
Kids looking for moms
Hoping they would found them u will c
When they left up the rumble
And u identify they body in the street
Sleeping on what’s left
And its about 74 degrees
Wit no shade or no water wit that smell how can u breath
But what can they do
Nothing but ask for help
In a situation like this its time to put the happy book on the self
If its money u giving
Its good but that wont even help
Instead of fixing something that is broken
U trying to replace it wit something else
U cant compare them wit them
Trying to sell them dreams
Can’t build them a dome cause they don’t have a super bowl team
These are people that struggle everyday
Jus hoping for the best people jus like us nothing more or nothing less
They persevered in 2004
When Gustavo, Hanna, and Ike hit
The fighting against HIV, kids wit Waterborne Diseases, intestinal
Parasites and s***
But u laugh and u look
Like that fighting for nothing
And fighting is nothing if u not fighting for something
C it’s the present things that make people change
Like a seed that is not going to grow unless it feel some rain
So this will stay the same
Ain't nothing change
U can put a picture up with no fame
But without pointing the finger u can still blame
And not saying it but saying that u don’t want to do this
It’s a damm shame
Picture our city wit all sun and no rain
They all strong and no shame
We dream big for big fame
But they stand tall yelling Haiti name

The author's comments:
I will hope People Change
and what made me write this is
i picture us like that its not fair.

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