The Answer

April 8, 2010
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He crossed the Forest,
Then he voyaged across the Sea,
Now he climbs the Mountain,
Searching for The Answer.

The answers to life,
Were all encompassed
In The Answer.

Finally he came across a sign,
And no,
He can’t explain why there was a sign
On this desolate Mountain,
Or who put it there,
But upon it read:
Inspiration Point.

So he climbed,
And he climbed
Until he reached the peak.

He looked at the Forest he had crossed,
The Sea he had navigated,
The Mountain he just ascended.
He gazed in awe at the World he conquered,
And as inspirational as it was
He still did not know The Answer,
But none the less still felt accomplished.

Maybe he didn’t need to know The Answer,
Maybe half the fun in life
Is trying to figure it all out.
While not considering any of this,
He made his way home.

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