Sweet Gentle Kisses

April 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Never rough, nor forceful is he.

The man I love is tender, sweet and thoughtful.

He hugs me closely, pecks my cheek softly, and wipes my tears away silently when I'm upset.

He's sensitive, yet confident at the same time.

Never cocky, nor rude.

He's honest and passionate.

He makes me laugh by just being himself.

He loves me for me, even If I may not be the prettiest or skinniest girl out there.

He's devoted to me and only me.

Hardworker, intelligent, and driven are several other qualities of his.

And on top of it all?

He's the best looking man I've ever seen.

Our love is innocent.

And I wouldn't ask for anything else.

I know our love is real, as true as can be.

We were patient, knowing that there was someone perfect out there for eachother.

So we waited.

And then we found eachother.

I'd die for him, I really would.

And if you want a love just like ours?

Just be patient.

Don't go rushing into a relationship.

The right guy or girl will come around one of these days.

I promise.

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