April 5, 2010
By , Ann Arbor, MI
the trash from thousands of families buying ten rupee bags of crinkling plastic from street vendors and crushed up soda cans loudly clanging
overwhelming stench. an array of neon textures rudely clogging the muddy river bank, where those who can't even afford ten rupees scrounge for scraps, deluded and hopeful that somewhere in the massive litter of bright plastic and aluminum is relief from painful starvation.
do these people deserve food? ah, they never blasphemed krishna. no, in fact, they've spent their entire lives groveling at the feet of immobile gods, offerings of bananas and milk sitting in front of them, taunting them.

a portrait of one pathetic child, begging because he's learned that's what he has to do. the image evokes detached sympathy from the viewer, but he is one small part of an entire population of peoples with as much potential to change the world as anyone else - yet they are all doomed to lives of poverty and rubbish in the streets

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