a subtle poem about my ex-boyfriend

April 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Yes, you were sensitive, but only when I grazed my fingers along your lower stomach, and you laughed nervously.
It seems I can only remember the moments of happiness I spent with you.
That's not true.
I will never forget your purposefully hurtful words that still make me cringe in the same spot of the lower stomach.

Our relationship lasted one month. "Short and sweet," my mother had said. Yes, it was sweet.
Sweet like artificial high fructose corn syrup, deceptively delicious and secretly destructive, leaving only a repulsive aftertaste, a leering sense of regret
and yet I still craved more, no matter how many times I told myself how unhealthy you were for me.

But you can't really be made into so simple a metaphor - we are both human after all, not rice krispie treats.
I know now that there cannot be anymore meaningful words exchanged between us, however, if there was one last, selfish request I could ask of you, it would be for you to never forget me, because I will certainly always remember you.

The author's comments:
well, maybe it's not so subtle :)
I'm half hoping that he'll come on to Teen Ink and read it and half terrified that he'll realize it was me.

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