April 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Isolated, she found herself on the familiar cold corner,
curled, cringing,
pain flooding her body
blood flowing slowly from her like the lazy backyard stream,
teeth clenched trying to hold back
agitated screams.
mind tortured,
unrelenting madness cursing her brain.
she felt the helplessness rise from her exhausted limbs to her closing eyes,
a numbing peace was beginning to replace the agony.
Where did it all go wrong?
She couldn't remember - because time was vanishing - leaping out from her weak hands she held outstretched before her.
the light was dim, and dull colors blurred together into a giant cryptic mass.
Where was God?
She didn't even try to recall the last time she went to church, because now her state of consciousness was unsteady, like a young child trying to balance on small shoreline rocks.
her hands fell to her side, and her muscles went slack.
she felt a fluttering within her, a butterfly attempting to take wing one last time,
then she was released.

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