April 4, 2010
By Megumi-Chan PLATINUM, University Place, Washington
Megumi-Chan PLATINUM, University Place, Washington
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Life's about making mistakes and trying to learn from them, most people don't learn from their mistakes the first time they make them, but that's what friends are for. They take your hand and help you think clearly

I’m infected
it can’t be corrected.
I’m infected
One of the few selected.

And the scalpel
Will cut open my skin,
Taking a sample
From my shin.

I’m going to die,
Cause I’m infected.
This will lead to my death,
Cause I’m infected.

I’m losing my mind.
I’m losing my will to survive.
I’m infectious,
And even contagious.

They say that they will find the cure.
False hope I think that’s what this is called.
They say they’ll find the cure soon
And I know that that’s not true.

This will lead to my death.
As soon as it grabs a hold of me
They’ll pull a trigger,
And that will be the end of me.

It’s starting to overtake my mind.
All of my will to survive is fleeting.
"Better hurry up and pull the trigger,"
One of them says to me.

I’m infected.
I’m starting to show the signs.
All their plans for me
Are starting to crumble.
Cause I’m infected…

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