An Unmistakeable Tragedy

April 4, 2010
By DerekHH SILVER, Millersville, Maryland
DerekHH SILVER, Millersville, Maryland
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I ran past train tracks
Confused in the dark

I took the elevator
Stuck with no spark

Between you and
The girl of my dreams

Little did I know that
Nothing's as it seems

I was trapped there
Between two extremes

Not knowing
What was up

Not knowing
What was down

I looked in the mirror
My hair reddish brown

You were my reflection
And she was nowhere to be found

But I was unaware
My love was turning around

I never woulda guessed I'd
Start anew

But that elevator
Suddenly went askew

And now you are
The new love I wish I had

I was kidnapped
By a man that was mad

You were there too
And so was Christine

In the back of
A car so pristine

I didn't know what
This could all mean

Broke up with my girlfriend
The sparkless fling

To find out
That you're the new thing

Those green eyes
I left behind

And now yours are
Stuck in my mind

I'm not heartbroken
Like I was last time

But I'm still lonely
Cause I'm just a mime

A sad boy
With nothing but rhyme

How could a girl like you
Ever be mine?

When I had a voice and a girl
I would subconsciously pine

But I'm quiet now
And you ignore me

You never did break my heart

You never did break my heart

You never did break my heart
But I don't need dreams to tell me

That my love is
An unmistakeable tragedy

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