I can taste the color purple

April 4, 2010
I can taste the color purple trickling down the back of my throat
And feel the unraveling scent of a used bar of soap

I hear the way your hair curls as it twirls around my finger
And smell the warmth of your laughter as it dances in my eyes

People call me foolish or dillusional for describing what isn’t there
When all you have to do is open your eyes as if light were penetrating them for the first time

Smell sweet roses
Wrap yourself up in a simple embrace
Hear the birds chirping in the morning
Taste the cool snowflake on the tip of your tongue

Learn to appreciate the little things in life
Live like there is no tomorrow
Explore every experience there is with all your senses
For no sense and experience is mutually exclusive
Paint your rainbows in the sky

You can taste the color purple

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grannyjill said...
May 3, 2010 at 1:18 pm
I can taste the colour purple....what can I say!  I read expecting some more rubbishy stuff from a 'pining for love' youngster and found a gem.My prejudice is showing...my excuse I'm like Simon Cowell - I'm beginning to be shell-shocked at the barrage of awful poetry we are being exposed to on Answers.Yahoo where I usually reside.(by people who are delusional).Anyway, back to your poem.....the opening lines are blissful, loved them, loved them, loved them..........a minor quibble brought ab... (more »)
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