April 4, 2010
Tears falling
Heavy Breathing
Scared, upset, alone
TV Blasting
Wind Howling
Overpowering sound of being ignored

Sun shining
Doors wide open
A glimpse of hope
Faded morale
Crowded hallways, people walking by
Pushing, shoving, chatter, laughing
Faces of people I used to know

Classes, teachers
Heavy textbooks
Lectures, monologues, favorite students
Confusion, resentment, misunderstanding
No more individuals
Spare time diminished
Creative outlet burst by conformant

Nothing to do but wait and endure
Supposed light at the end of the tunnel
The train of my life
Once full with people
And a conductor to steer when all else fails
Now empty
The first aid kit remains:
Tissues, paper and pen, memories, solitude
Task: to get the train moving again
Instructions, plans, directions: none

Into the distance lies a glimmering self-written book with all the answers

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