All or Nothing

April 4, 2010
1 family: 3 people: 2 cousins, 2 best friends, 1 couple.
All having fun.
None technically related.
All belonging to defective families,
None needing any more family than each other.
All living life,
None loving life.
All loving each other,
None loving themselves.
All wearing masks,
None revealing their true faces.
All seeing through each others’ masks,
None seeing through their own.
All wishing for something different,
None thinking about any of the wishes coming true.
All thinking about how different their lives would be,
If they didn’t have each other.
None wanting that day to come.
All surprised when their family falls apart that night.
None expecting it to happen.
All unfortunately stuck with their “real families”

(more like roommates or acquaintances if you ask me)
None thought they would ever be left alone.
All but one unfortunate life is saved in this story.
None are truly alone,
All still have each other.
Maybe not in person, but in spirit.

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