Your father

April 4, 2010
Jules we have never met
i have been watching you for years
watching you grow up
i saw your graduation
your wedding

love Tom

your father
as she sets the note down
dumbfounded about what she had just read
she had been told for years
her father had died two years after
she had been born
as she searches the streets of New York
asking strangers are you my father
as she slowly rejects her mom
for the years spent
wondering what having a dad would be like
her dad not walking her down the isle
as she walks down the street
somebody stops her
gives her a hug and says
i couldn't stand it any longer
he says i am your father
as she steps back to look at her father
he is shot right in front of her eyes
her mom sets her down later that week and explains it to her

your father was a spy
he has been shot at many times
he separated from us to keep us safe
you were in real danger today
as they walk down the hall
and go into the room
her dad looks at her
and says

its okay i wasn't about to go without talking to my daughter first

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