Just Like a Child

April 4, 2010
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Just like a child I smile
As bright as one does at the sight of a shiny balloon
Just like a child I whine
Much like one would if they let the string go too soon
Just like a child I cry
And search for that blanket that always seemed to protect me
Just like a child I laugh
Harder with each wave of water the sea throws at my feet
Just like a child I’m easily excited,
A simple chocolate ice cream cone and I’m thrilled
Just like a child I get scared,
Then release a monstrous scream when my lungs are filled
Just like a child I search for the day
For the white cotton candy in the baby blue sky and even birds that sing
Just like a child I never cease to play
I’m an artist in the attic, pirate of the playground, and a queen in love with a king
But there are problems with being a child
Eventually one day they stop
Emotions are not over exaggerated
And that simple life goes and pops
They don’t smile when they see a shiny balloon
Or whine when it floats away
They’ll forget about that invincible rag
Won’t giggle when a wave takes its stretches
An ice cream cone won’t have such magical powers
The screaming is kept to a minimum
Cotton candy become plain clouds
And it’s impossible to become a pirate or queen
I like to believe I’m different
That I won’t stop being a child
I like thinking that life is infallible
Will be perfect forever, without any flaws
So instead of pessimism, I’ll pretend I’m a child
And hope I can keep it that way for awhile

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