April 4, 2010
The best time of the year.
The last day of school has come.
The bell rings,
And you jump with joy.
Finally summer has come!
As you leave the building
You experience the fresh summer air.
As you wake up the first morning of summer break
You realize you have camp.
You realize that you get to see your friends
Friends you haven’t seen in awhile.
You enjoy their fun spirit.
After a fun day first day at camp
You come home
And have your first of many barbeques.
The weekend comes
And you have baseball.
After you show up to the field
You hear all baseball noises.
The thump of the ball hitting the mitt.
The cracking of the ball hitting the bat.
That metal blue bat.
Or that red or silver bat.
After the game you are very hot.
Then you realize there is a cool pool waiting for you at home.
When you get home you jump in the pool.
As you hit the water
The water jumps up into the air.
It is a great summer day.
This is going to be a good summer.

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