The Everlasting Couplet

April 14, 2010
I see two bleu birds on a tree,
then i think of you and me,our love shall everlast and prevail,
as long as we are together we will never fail.
the sound of your voice makes mine want to sing, ohh . . . all the happiness you bring.
'cus of you i've had no sleep,
my mind gets confused with thoughts of you and dreams.You are the last piece to my puzzle,
your beauty makes me act like a dog with a muzzle.
For you i would do a backflip,
'cus i know you would be there to catch me if i were to slip.
Like an actor and the stage,
our love will never fade.. .
Without you i can't tie my shoes,
without you, i am always blue.
Your eyes make it as though the stars have no shine,
the best sensation is when our fingers entertwine.
for you i would jump off a plane,
even if it would make me insane.
outside my window, in the rain,
as i look down upon your face,
and i truely mean it when i say no one will ever take your place.
i write this everlasting couplets in bliss, but i never want you to forget this.
i must stop because this poem could go on and on,
but i conclude, our love will never be gone.. . . . . .

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