April 3, 2010
By QuillAndInk SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
QuillAndInk SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
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Little boy lost
Little bratty child
Momma will do what I want
Momma will give me my way
Little boy lost
Little bratty child who couldn’t lose a simple board game
Not yet 13 and yet so full of boasting and swagger
Little boy loved by mommy
Little boy fighting with his brother
Was supposed to grow up into a bratty man
Was supposed to have kids
Was supposed to
Supposed to
Supposed to live
To survive
Little boy lost dead on impact
Mothers half mad
Brothers in the ICU
Little boy lost
Saw you just a little while ago
Figured I’d see you again in the summer
You and your nasal voice you little chub
With you swagger and confidence
Vibrancy and life
Brothers failing
Momma doesn’t know how to tell him his little brothers dead
Mommas not sure if she’ll lose her other boy
Little child can you hear me
Please be safe be watching be near
What kind of god ends a little boy’s life?
What kind of god will kill a child?
What kind of merciful god who we pray to will cause such chaos?
God is love
God is kind
God is near
God didn’t do anything for this boy
Now he’s gone
All that’s left is a fleshy husk
Little boys lost
Momma doesn’t know if the other one soon to join
ICU walls won’t return her prayers
They bounce back and all she can hear is endless drone of the hospital
Not his voice
Not his laugh or cry
Her own wounds throb
But all she can think of is the little boy she lost
The one she may yet lose
Little bratty boy
God the regrets
What care do you have?
That little boy is lost

The author's comments:
Shohab wa a little boy i met over the sumemr at a cousins wedding and again over break, he was a little annoying but he was sweet. I had a bit of a soft spot for him, today i found out he died. HIs mother is critcally injured and his brother is in the ICU he may not make it. I'm going to keep writing poems about shohab until somethign gets in the magazine, it will be my way of remembering.

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