My Fear

April 3, 2010
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Lovers wrapped in each other's arms
Lying still, identities lost.
In a fevered attempt to press their souls together, all reservations are scorned by their love.
Out the window the sky is growing dark. Bloody light suffuses the horizon.
A rose beam falls on their tender faces
Lighting them both with just one slim point.
The ground shakes; the time has come.
Both know it and tighten their grips as the sky awakens to find itself furious.
But of the two locked in desperate embrace
But one knows the truth of power.
He cries into her hair
Willing the light to move on and leave them be.
The light would not, for no darkness can remain where light sets its gaze.
His eyes, caught from the pearl of his love, stare the figure beside the bed.
As a child it appeared, small and delicate and innocent. The sight of its ethereal face invites deep peace, and the peace invites bitterness for no child but one can give such relief.
His love follows his gaze and whispers into his ear, "That chair will look so nice in our child's room."

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