A Stranger

April 3, 2010
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Love is strange; it changes oneself entirely. Turning us into fools for thinking that we are fools, but fools we are not. We are merely just in love.

Is it wrong to love another’s soul, maybe even more than your own? Sometimes you think fate is playing a cruel joke. Only fools think that those wise know the truth.

Love is not something to have or give. It is a journey, a light in a dark path.

You can’t stop loving someone as much as you want to. If you are ever truly in love with someone; you will never outgrow loving them.

You may forget them as time passes by, but your heart will always remember.

The wounds you have from past love will heal if you give it time. Time heals all wounds, but at time’s will.

Sometimes all you have to do is give love another chance; don’t give up hope.

Love will find it’s way to you. You can not find love because love will always find you.

Love is strange; it seems like a stranger at times. Truth be told love is a stranger, waiting to be known and thanked.

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