Stope The Eagle from Flying East, Bring it Back to the West

April 8, 2010
I'm proud to be an American . . .

Easy words to say . . . but do we really mean them?

When we look at the flag and say the pledge,

Is it out of respect, or is it because a voice over a speaker tells us to?

Maybe, we don't say it because we're ashamed of what this country has done,

But there is not one country or civilization that is perfect,

Even the Israelites, God's chosen people, have a sinnful history,

Yes, we should not be prud of America's sins,

But we should not let them blind us to those who have died for us,

For the Men and Women who have shed their blood so that we can be free,

SO that we can have water, SOTHAT we can have food, SOTHATWE can vote,




. . . if we turn our back on our country we can't help it,

but . . . if we turn it back to God, then we have a people we can be proud of.

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