Together We're Strong

April 8, 2010
As time passes,

So do we age,

Our friendship strengthens.

It may falter,

But never fail.

For as we are human, we make mistakes,

But that cannot blind us to what is most important.

Friendship is a bond,

Ever growing, ever expanding.

As it grows, we become closer,

Never ceasing to learn.

As trials come, we fight them,

Not alone, nor separate,

But always together.

Many things are thrown at us in life,

But as long as we are together,

We have nothing to fear.

There are battles to be fought,

But not alone,

Nor could we succeed,

And foolish it would be to try.

For alone we are weak,

But together, we are strong.

For time may cease,

But a friendship,

Can last forever.

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