Suicide Note

April 7, 2010
By freddeering BRONZE, Irving, Texas
freddeering BRONZE, Irving, Texas
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Once a kid who would never lie
Now a man whom always cry
A man who deserve to live but wish to die
A man who has answers, but yet he ask “why?”

Thoughts of suicide filled his mind
As he realized he had been walking the world blind
Every one treat him as a peasant, though he tries to be kind

Life as he lived before is no more
Once lived with no walls, now live with closed doors
Freedom is his burden
In which he doesn't want to live
The nice kid turned sad when he had nothing left to give
Years of being kind and sweet
Misery is his retiring treat

And the suicide letter he writes:
“To all that love and all that hate
living in your presence has been great
but the presents at the end were not worth staying for
My dear wife and my children I do adore
but unfortunately you I couldn't live for
And I leave behind blessings for Four
My money, my kindness, my concern, and my love
My money goes to charity
My kindness stays inside me
My concern goes where it please
And my Love has stopped
No more will I have cared and loved
And in return I get shoved
Now I am free
I will fly away
I will soar the sky
But most important,I think I wont die”

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