Keep The Silence

April 7, 2010
My eyes grasp for air
Inhaling and exhaling
My eyes need air

This time i made sure pain was there
You run it fast and jagged
I close my eyes and breathe

My hand tightens
I write on my arm: silence
So jagged so fast

Goose-bumps run through my body
My heart beats uncontrollably
MY eyes grasp for air once again

I start to shake
I swallow hard
My throat is dry

The blood drips fiercely everywhere
My eyes can't take it any longer
Tears form and water cascades from my eyes

The room is every so quiet
That word tickles my arm

I giggle.
My arm is in so much pain

I enjoy the pain
I get a thrill from it

Why couldn't they be quiet?
Why did they have to keep talking?
All i wanted was silence.

And soon i will have it
I will have no talking

I laid on the floor
My arm still on fire
I close my eyes

I inhale and never exhale
I smiled
Complete silence.

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