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April 7, 2010
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S.O.S. Help
Can’t you see my damaged soul?
Surely you must be able to
How can you not?
Every time you glance at me,
It’s right there staring back
Am I that great an actress to hide it from you?
I know I can’t be
Or is it this mask I’m wearing?
But you must have seen it slip?
Once, just once, did you see my pain?

Help me, please, please, please
Can’t you hear my tortured cries?
You have to
There’s no way you can’t
They are screeching so loud,
Why can’t you hear them?
They’re shattering my eardrums
And you can’t even hear a whisper
Are you as deaf as you are blind?
Can you really not see what you’re doing to me?

I know I’ve tried to hide
But everyone else knows
They know I’m wounded
Even with invisible scars,
They still notice
But you don’t
I care about you so much I’m hurting
And you don’t even know there’s something wrong

S. O. S. hear my distress
Recognize what you’re doing to me
Realize how you’re hurting me
You’re my only escape
My only rescue
Only hope, only chance
And you’re failing me

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JoetheBlanc said...
Apr. 29, 2010 at 7:28 pm
Dang. this is incredible. you have a gift for rhyming.
always-sunshine replied...
May 10, 2010 at 9:26 am
its great  amazing
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