Reflections of the past

April 7, 2010
Looking into a mirror
i study its intricate designs
carvings in stone...
ravens, owls, and
creatures of the night
crawl upon the stone that
surrounds the cold glass
the reflection
isn't as intricate
or as lovely
I look away from my picture
and i latch my sword onto my back
and buckle the final clasp
I avoid looking back
to the mirror because
I have already memorized
what i am going to see
a shining suit of armor
worn by a girl
unfit and undeserving
of the weaponry she bares
covered in blood
from a previous battle, lost
yet here and now
i need to go back out
onto this battle field
and fight a war
that was already lost
my enemy is one
but carries many names
with a mind so twisted
and deceiving
it would make
even the devil go insane
He stalks the night
hunts the unsuspecting
while she lies in his den
injured and weak
waiting for the day
praying his return
she thrives on his presence
wrapped around his little finger
she may as well be
one of the unsuspecting victims
he prays off of at night
abusing them
with out giving them
a chance to fight
he takes who he choices
covers them in bruises
uses them as he pleases
shows them who he really is
yet his crimes come and go
never drawing attention
and he can wash his hands
and pick his teeth clean
and return to
his frightened little bird
as his victims screams go unheard
this is what i fear
no longer wanting
to just sit and wait here
He's ready to attack
Javoline is back
Rob comes and goes
friends turn to foes
here comes another war
i look toward the open door
Ruhe stand there
in her own worn armor
beautiful even after
all she has been through
we are here to fight a battle
that we know we have a
good chance to lose
fearing our bird will turn to ash
and be reborn
forgetting the words
that have already been sworn
he is ready to attack again
she is vulnerable to his every lie
now we take our chance to die
His victim remains unchosen
two warriors are ready to fight
a battle we will try not to lose
on this night
we have our weapons
we have our minds
we have her trust
and his fear
we may will win this battle
but this war is sure to last
so we sit here
and wait for the cannons to sound
so we can enter
our battle ground

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