Forgotten love?

April 7, 2010
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see me
love me
oh please help me
Forgotten love?
i want you
i need you
Forgotten love?
hold her hand
kiss her
miss her
Talk about her when im around
forgotten love?
i want to tell you
i've tried and tried again
the shy girl
cant you tell?
forgotten love?
that blonde hair
blue eyes
perfect skin
popular girl
forgotten love?
is it a crush?
its forgotten love
we talk and talk
time and again
you have to walk away
just to talk to her
your phone rings
not a surprise its her
you answer with a HEY BABE
sometimes i want to hide in a cave
with no one but me
and misery
forgotten love?
you say just a minute
i'll be right back
but after 20 (min)
im all packed
leave you to your ralking
like kissing in the phone
I ignore you the next day
without 1 glance your way
forgotten love?
i sit with my friends
quiet as a mouse
hoping your thinking of me too
i sit in my room
feeling like im in a cacoon
wrapped up
tight and stiff
cant get out
no way
no how
you call me
leaving me messages
the next day
you walk my way
and i just say
love her
not me
im in misery
with hot tears in my eyes
as i walk away
i hear you scream my name
i ignore it
i fail my classes
thinking of you
i know i'll get over you
forgotten love?
as she walks my way
with you in toe
she looks at me like im so low
you smile at me
i just look away
forgotten love?
the next day
when you sit next to me you say
hate me?
i say nay
i loved you once before
but all i see is her with you
that blonde hair
blue eyes
perfect skin
popular girl
hope you understand
i know i do
she loves you
you love her
45 min pass
thats all i can last
want to crawl into a corner
and stay there till i stop my cry
oh my
forgotten love?
the next day is rainging
no blue skies
walking in the rain
all i feel is pain
i hear footsteps behind me
its you
without her?
i just ignore you
and pick up my pace
i just need some space
where is she i wonder why
oh my
forgotten love
you tell me
she's just sick
but i see her in the hall
that blonde hair
blue eyes
perfect skin
popular girl
she glares at me and then at you
yeah is all you say
it's over
why? i ask
my love is not forgotten
but it is proved
not just in fairytales
in real too
love me?
hate me?
no more
oh no more
forgotten love

oh and every girl who read this, this poem is real shes blonde hair blue eyes perfect skin popular girl it doesnt matter what she looks like if your blonde hair and blue eyes its not a poem against you i just wanted to express what she looks very sorry if its offensive to you its has nothing against you
thank you for reading

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