April 7, 2010
Words that have a meaning
That I have no intention
Of wanting to pick apart
No want to degrade a piece
Of my human soul laid down
Upon a black and white page
A wholesome stage
For what I needed
Too much to say, too much to feel
I’d aspired
To the gracefully immortal
Bits of reverence resting
Carefully clever in a realm
Of pretty profane pages
In a memory I wasn’t quite sure
Existed long enough
To make it into history
Through waves of insufferable words
So quickly released by fingertips
Resentfully letting go of breaths
Of stone set emotions
Connect humanity to a moment
Utterly un-unique in circumstance
It’s all been said before
Just not this way
For these reasons
For the lengths I went through
To make this stick subsequently
Inside of loving concepts conveyed
Contemporary sarcastic and spastic
And hateful and rageful
And breathing and seething
And ever so wrong
Ever the same

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