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April 7, 2010
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No I’m not at all troubled
about the end of the universe. I’m just worried
about me, that’s all. You know, it’s only life
that encompasses me,
it’s all that turns out to be for me,
it is the world, it is the universe; when I am dead the entire world
and the entire universe will mean nothing to me, right? so we are quite worried about life.

What would a great person say? What would be the thing to say? Woody Allen himself
talked about it a lot. Ingmar Bergman was always asking about what he should do.
Martin...let’s not talk about him. Virginia Woolf,
Ernest Hemingway, Kawabata, killed themselves, whatever. So what’s
to talk about. There is great things,
crevices in the earth,—I mean craters—,* savannas—what a word that is—
myths, pessimists, anime, graphic novels, Latin vanity,
Ecclesiastes, short stories, Stoicism, E. M. Forster,
Modernist literature and authors, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

There are whatevers about divinity and absolutes.
There is heaven and hell, not bad; some people talk about limbo, sometimes.
There is… suicide bombers, aesthetic choices, that’s what I’m getting at here…
Quentin Tarantino, Chinese philosophy and Hermann Hesse,
the Mediterranean region, Europe—scratch that—England, France, Germany, Russia, Italy...ah.
World War One, all the nations that were formed after World War One; Benito Mussolini,
I guess, after you think about all the crazy stuff
he did in boarding school. Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, New York City as a whole
and New York City in small pieces. The state of New York, the Northeast
of the United States summed up and all. Emily Dickinson.
James Fenimore Cooper, Herman Melville—scratch that—,
the nineteenth century, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain,
Jack London, Naturalism, anti-heroes, Ezra Pound?
Pillows, beds with springs, tents, blankets,
candles. But what’s to talk about when
that is all part of the past?
What’s to talk about that? What’s to talk about
when all you are really entitled to use is
adjectives and nothing else?

But hey, it's all right. There're a couple of things,
here and there, that I can relate to.

*Yes I DO the "--," 's

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