Child with a Face

April 7, 2010
By Victoriaelena BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Victoriaelena BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Carrying his Angel with a face
A father once gentle, once unconditional
Looks down at his child with tender eyes
He gives her a name so regal, Victoria

Singing with his Angel with a smile on her face
Melodies rich, still sounding of ivory
He caresses her cheek and whispers a verse
A song to others, to her, so much more.

Dancing with his daughter, whom has his face
Glances at her, and how she has changed
Sincerity flashes behind his coffee eyes
He tells her she's loved and allows her to bloom.

Fighting his daughter, tears down her face
Corruption filling his mouth with ribbons of cruelty
A fatal intoxication laced of hatred and envy
Leaving her aching, her soul left to hurt and suffer.

He's given up and forgotten that girl
His Angel now, without a face.

The author's comments:
Poem written about my dad, each stanza a phase of my life. First stanza specifically about my birth and as an infant. Second stanza is about my early youth when he would take me to my mom's house, and he would always sing one specific song to me. The third stanza is about my sweet 15 when we had our dance, and it was to the music he would sing to me. The fourth stanza speaks about events after my 15th birthday, until about the beginning of March. The final stanza, a couplet about the current time, which we no longer have a relationship.

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