Perfect Heartbreak

April 7, 2010
Within these words,
I entail my love.
Your aurora of beauty,
shines like a white dove.
With my final breath,
I'd say those three words.
The words reiterated,
Yet misheard.
The nights we shared,
Together as one.
You were the only one that cared.
When you left,
My tears rained down for years.
My heart yet broken,
As if spared by a thousand spears.
You were the reason for my every action,
The drive behind my effort.
When you were the angel, I was your shepard.
As I look back on time,
And think of how we used to be,
Not only do i miss you,
But i miss a part of me.
And so when I'm at end,
I won't just think of you as my girl,
You were truly my bestfriend.

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