April 7, 2010
My skin is fire
The burning sensation that pulls me harder everyday
I am a liar
The coffin is where I must lay
I am colder than the mountains
and swifter than the wind
they can’t touch the mask I have glued to my face

Unlock the door in which I am sealed within
I am the only one who beholds the key
But it is lost in a needle in a hay stacked of lies
Creases upon my skin, with the bones that lie beneath them
The actions upon which I commit is a sin
But who am I to question my own decisions
Valuable I am not
I feed on the comments upon which I am given upon
Why with every word the burning sensation occurs in my throat
Why is the devils shadowing upon my soul?
Why must the self-assurance be so diminutive?
Why is everything falling apart
When I try so hard to keep everything together
Is it me
Am I doing something wrong
I think it is me
I am the problem
But am I the solution
Am I supposed to put the pieces back together
Or let someone else pick them
Or do I just leave them there
The person reflected in the mirror is dissimilar than in m mind
I must keep he bathroom door locked to keep me away from others
I must hide the food in which I am seen to take
With the silence I make I am screaming for help!
But no one hears me
The secrets I keep is what keeps me alone
With that first tear the tears will not stop
So I release myself from the pain through the only logical way I can think of
I let go…..
Of the world
The thoughts hanging from my mouth
I fight through this on my own
I know what I am doing is wrong
But you can’t help but feel the pain
As I….
Walk through the stormy rain, to keep my tears concealed
That freezing as reality is so cold
The mirror cracks with my voice
As I close the coffin lid, with my mask still in tacked
While the key slowly appears
Through the ongoing war
I welcome a new day

I am Unbeautiful

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