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April 7, 2010
By sillypixxi SILVER, Phx, Arizona
sillypixxi SILVER, Phx, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
" every day is the end of the world for someone"

I try not to show how dissapointed I am when you can't make it, I try not to grasp the thought of you being mine.

Just don't pretend your not like them.I told you I was scared - I felt stupid for saying anything even close to that.
You told me you wanted to marry me. Is it silly that I love the way you say my name? Or that when you laugh i smile uncontrolably?
You said you love me, the words came out sounding perfect. I love you. I'm sorry i didn't say it back but the moment wasn't right.
You said you wanted to kiss me. I would kiss you a thousand times.
You asked me if I would hold your hand-I just laughed-but i would if you held mine back.
You tell me it's okay to cry,I wonder how you know- I mean I never told you, you couldn't even hear my voice.
I told you i didn't believe in falling in love. You said you understand.

-please don't lie, please don't break my heart. I'm already broken , but please don't leave because somehow.....I

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