A First Kiss in The Steel City

April 7, 2010
By joann_marcella BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
joann_marcella BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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There he was outside my dorm building.
He made it to downtown Pittsburgh to see me,
his hair gelled, his body stunning.

He had short brown hair, brown eyes, and glowing ivory skin

and he was just how I
remember him,
from Baltimore.

He was leaning up against the concrete patio.

I was overjoyed and thrilled,
it’s like the feeling you get when you get asked to prom

by your long time
high school crush.

When his arms wrapped around me,

the aroma,
it was subtle,

yet I ached for more.
It was like coming across the most elite perfume
in an upscale department store,
and how you want that scent to consume your body.

Our first kiss, on each other’s lips,

it was finally there
it was like the excitement of the first day of college,

and what new possibilities are ahead.

We waited two years,

and it was anticipated like how those same college students
file into their lecture halls week after week,

waiting until their graduation day.

When it was all over,

I knew it was over only temporarily,

and I knew there were many
more to come.
His eyes twinkled like a newly polished diamond ring,

and it was remarkable.

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