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April 7, 2010
By Anakire BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
Anakire BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
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The world spins too quickly beneath me
My face is pressed hard against the ground
Sand is in my eyes, making me unable to see
Footsteps of other soldiers’ steps pound
My watch keeps clicking by the seconds
Time has stopped for me, but for the world it keeps going
They told me to be a warrior, a thing of legends
They told me it’d be okay, I’d be deploying
They didn’t tell me that when you shoot
A person and watch the light of life leave their eyes
That you’d fall to your knees, that the world would go mute
They didn’t tell me, that when you walk away you’d still hear the cries
So now with my face pressed to the sand
Listening to the vibrations of life
I lay down, having lost my ability to stand
I should be at home; I should be a normal wife
I’m not a normal wife though
Climbing to my feet, looking around at the base
I’m a warrior, my ancestry of warriors I must show
I will come home proud to show my face
They didn’t tell me that when I came back
I’d be swelling with pride for my country
They forgot to say that when I saw my husband’s face I’d be taken aback
That I’d be so thankful for being free
All these things they forgot to mention
Like that when you enter into the warzone
You feel as though you’ve entered another dimension
And that you’d fight like hell for death to be postponed
Yet here I am, fighting for freedom
Waiting each night to see my angel again
Looking through my family album
So thankful to be a U.S. Airman.

The author's comments:
I am inactive reserves waiting to go to basic training.

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