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April 7, 2010
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I'm sitting here,being consumed by my own thoughts
Waiting for something to happen,that i don't think may happen at all
Rolling,tossing and turning on my bed
Just really need a place to rest my head
The person that i wish was here,can't be
Going through some ups and downs,wants confidentiality
Laying on your bed,just staring at the ceiling
That persons just doesn't know how i am feeling
Allowing myself to be calm,and not make matters worse
As time passes by,all i do is hurt
My heart is not what it used to be,no longer beats the same
Really tired of all this nonsense,fed up of this game
Maybe i do wanna pick up the phone,but a part of me just cant
Just watch it there,and just maybe,i'll hear its chant
But no its been like that for days
This is causing me to hurt,in so many ways
Trying to focus on my work,but its feeding into my head
I'm just there with my pencil,and not moving ahead
Something needs to take place urgently,for i'm not sure what to do
I'm clueless,feeling purposeless,with you!
I should call and say how i feel,but my hands are still
They won't move,frozen by my own will
I wanna say "I love you"..let's end the war
For our love is worth a lifetime..for i can't take this anymore!

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