April 7, 2010
The clouds are coming
And you just can’t see the light
The sky is darkening
And the air is shifting
There’s a storm coming
And it’s gonna last a while

The storms are gathering
They’re hitting harder
They’re hitting faster
The rain is pouring
The lightning’s striking
The thunder’s clapping

But where are you and I?
Where do we fit into this dance?
Locked away from the fight
Only catching quick glimpses
Of what lies before us

So why are we so afraid?
Why are we so terrified?
There have been storms before,
There have been days when the sun wouldn’t smiled before us
There have been days when
We never wanted to leave
The comforts of our beds
So what makes today so different

Is it the night?
The shadows the lightning throws around us?
What do we do now?
We’re hiding here
From what?
We don’t know.
And that scares us even more.

Every noise is screaming
Even if it’s just a whisper
Ever sight is flickering
Even if it’s standing in direct light
We’re turning ‘round and ‘round
Trying to find a way
Out of this real life fun house
But the mirrors have trapped us
And the storm is brewing stronger.

It’s shaking us,
It’s making us,
It’s shaping us,

And then it’s calm.
The eye.
The middle
Where there is nothing.
But on the other side
Of the emptiness
Is a force stronger than what
We saw before

So where do we go from here?
The storm’s coming in again
And I don’t want to be afraid
Once more
It seems there’s more to be explained.

The storm is hitting harder
The storm is hitting faster
But there’s beauty in our fear
Because this storm moves the world
In ways we’ve always wanted to move.

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