Afraid to Dance

April 7, 2010
The music’s playing,
The people spinning,
And I’m up against the wall.
The boys are begging
For just one turn about the room
But my feet
Are glued to the floor
My dress isn’t swinging,
My feet aren’t swaying,
And I’m about to lose control.
I’m afraid to dance.
Just let me be,
I’ll stand here ‘til I’m ready.
I’m afraid to dance.
The tears aren’t falling,
The screams aren’t flying,
And I’m standing up all on my own.
I’m afraid to dance.
I’m afraid to reach out
And grab a hand
And start to flow
Because what if after that,
I start to spin out of control.
What if…
What if they let go?
I’m afraid to dance.
Standing here,
Up against the wall,
My dancing heels donned,
I’m afraid to move
For fear I might fall.
I don’t trust my own two feet
To be enough
To keep me up.
I’m afraid to dance.
What if I misstep?
And then I fall?
What if the whole world were to fall with me?
I’m afraid to dance.
No, no!
Really, I can’t!
I’m afraid to dance.
It’s been so long
I’m not sure I remember how.
I’m afraid to dance.
I’m afraid to move
Because if I leave my wall
I may never be safe again.
I’m afraid to dance.
I’ll just wait.
I’ll just watch.
“No, thank you, sir.
I’ll just stand”
Because I’m afraid to dance.

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