April 7, 2010
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A smile spreads across both of their faces as they exchange glances after interpreting each other’s thoughts.
Each hauling loads of plastic bags, two in each hand, after a day of grocery shopping.
With only one glance between the two, they both sputter into a modest snicker.
The laugh lines fill their faces with excitement and intrigue.
Identical eyes, nose, and mouth expressions plastered on their faces.
Slouching further and further down, advance closer to the door.
The twins rapidly drop their bags immediately after the laughter started.
Hunched over grasping their stomachs, their muscles tighten, and their laughter progresses.
A hissing sound escapes from their mouths followed by silence as they inhale softly.
Strands of chocolate and cream colored hair shine and blow in the breeze out side of the countryside house, as the smell of their fruity shampoo lingers in the air.
The emerald green eyes squint as the sun reflects off of them.
Both hold in the urge to cry, due to the extreme laughter.
Finally, they sniffle as the laughter dies down, and they disappear into the tan country house.

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