The Blue

April 6, 2010
By Anonymous


I hear the waves roaring
I feel the tide grabbing
I smell the salt churning
The water swallows me whole
The force drags me under
It pulls me deeper and deeper
The blue slowly drifts to black
The warm soothing water gets colder
The icy horror rips my breath away
Ecstasy turns to treachery
What once was paradise is now the belly of a monster
I am lost spiraling into a nightmare
The darkness engulfs my soul
I am amongst no one, I am all alone
I am trapped no where to go, no where out
Just before all hope is lost, I feel a glimpse of life
The beast spits me out, I see blue once again
I feel the breeze glide across my skin
My lungs smile with joy at the feeling of air
I am alive

The author's comments:
i love the ocean and everything about it

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