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I'm standing on a ledge
A ledge way above water
My feet are slipping
And I'm just staring down at the


And instead of seeing the

Of the surrounding
I see dark blankness
So I just stare at the cuts on my


By now my feet are almost off
My mind tells me to stop
But I can't help but go forward
Now I start falling.

My entire life flashes before my

But it stops at your face
I wasn't worried at first
But I saw you face and I am now

I'm halfway down
And I'm still stuck on your face
Iv'e began to cry
But then remember

What pain and sorrow you have put

me through
But I kept on loving you
And now I regret
Not being strong enough to forget

about you

I'm far down in the water now
And I'm remembering why I did this
And it all comes back
I did it because of you

I need air now
I open my mouth and try to breathe
But the water suffocates me
And with my one last gasp I say I

love you while your face is

the last thing I'll ever see..

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