A Girl's Life Online

April 6, 2010
Katie feels so alone.No one to talk to.No one to turn to.When Katie feels sad, she keeps it all insdie.When Katie feels happy, she keeps it all insdie."I don't feel special,I don't feel loved."My father is gone...My sister is gone.And I'm starting to lose my mom...No one to talk to,no one to turn to.Until I met Mark. Mark,mark such a sweet Mark.Hearing his voice made me lose mine, but it wasn't hard to find.It's like he took my breath away... then I felt alive again.I think I found the perfect match for me, I find it so hard to belive.I wonder if he's really hear for me or maybe it just wasn't ment to be...

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katrina bailey said...
Mar. 12, 2015 at 12:35 pm
this is a great book to help kids understand not to trust everyone online
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