Instead of Quitting On Yourself...

April 6, 2010
By Vivallaa PLATINUM, NYC, New York
Vivallaa PLATINUM, NYC, New York
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Favorite Quote:
\'Before you stalk and overrun, you can\'t devour anyone.\'

I saw a man
I saw a man today
he took out a cigarette and
smoked his life a way
and on his walk
that crossed with mine
he dropped his lighter.
as he bent over, to pick it up
he did it alone
although I was a foot away to help...

I saw a woman
I saw a woman today
and I saw how many were in her ashtray
14 buds
and bud light caps
14 little
one fell on the floor
15 she missed
and with a burning thud
concrete it kissed

I saw a boy
a boy today
that boy looked sickly
that boy looked like he needed some water
that boy looked from his friends for a moment
and gagged
as I saw what they were doing
I understood
he should have said it was no good for him

I saw a girl
I saw a girl today
a dead girl
living to die
there were no mirrors anywhere
but I watched her from a distance
I was screaming to her
I was yelling at her face
yet she laughs
I walked to school with her
she smokes
I watched her cut 3rd period
to smoke
I watched her walk out of school to go anywhere but home
if life’s so fun, why are you coughing

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