April 6, 2010
By Chocolatecherries GOLD, Clarksville, Arkansas
Chocolatecherries GOLD, Clarksville, Arkansas
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Don't walk into my life without reason of clarity.
You fooled me once, and even twice.
But not for a third time.

I've put up my walls.
Pushed everyone away.
I take caution with every move I make.

Becoming a neat freak, control freak.
Freaking out over everything.
Putting myself up for hurt.

Hopes are nothing but broken promises.
Stringing you along with fake happiness,
just to tear into your veins and cause distruction.

Salt water pouring onto your deepest wounds.
Hurting until your eyes close.
Falling for the simplest things you say.

I'm praying that you didn't crumble my walls.
They are there to protect me.
Let me be safe, let me breathe the fresh air please.

Leave your sincere curiosity for someone who truly needs it.
I am no longer suffering the pain you bring.
Goodbye my dear

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