Old Times

April 6, 2010
By Anonymous

I barley get to see you anymore.
And when I do,
You go straight to your room.
All this stress is in the air.
I just can't take it anymore!

You two fight all the time.
And when you're not fighting,
You're not talking to each other,
Which drives me nuts!

You two fight about the most dumbest things!
Usually I agree with you,
She's just so....
Never mind.

Though I take a side,
I don't say it.
I pretend nothing happened.
When I get to my bed at night,
That's my time.
That's when I get to cry, talk to myself, and realize how stupid this is!

I want to say something, I really do.
But I'm just to scared to talk.
She jumps to conclusions,
Not letting you explain, or she just acts so pathetic, childish, so immature!

We don't spend a lot of time together anymore.
When was the last time we went out and did something as a family?
Yeah....that's what I thought.

You both work hard, in different ways.
I just wish you two would stop fighting and work it out!

I just want to yell to the both of you and say, "stop! Stop everything! You two are acting like kids! Do you know how we feel when you fight!?"

But it's like what people say:
Would've, should've, could've.

I remember when we spent time together, as a family.
Boy, did I love those times.

I know im rambling on and on,
And I don't even know if this makes sense, but it does to me.
But I just want everything to be normal again.
I guess I just want it to be like old times.

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