Two Girls

April 6, 2010
Two girls
got into a fight
and there i was
to help them up
and i became...
what the other one had been
so close, two of my best friends
i helped them to mend
and they became besties again
and forgot about me...
i'll always be second best
when "she's" around.
just like before...
i helped get together
now there girlfriends
and they love each other
and i'm happy for them...
i just wish they hadn't forgotten
they say
they could never forget me
but i don't believe it
i'm not what "she" is
i won't ever be
what "she is"
there so pretty
and aspiring artists
with such beautiful eyes
and i'm not
i can't draw like "she" can
i can't be skinny as "she" is
don't forget...

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