Lakeside Home

April 15, 2010
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Walking out to the beach
The smell of fresh water
The wind gently pulls at my hair,
I can hear the water lap against the shore.
Crash! Then it gently pulls back
Taking the sand along with it.
As I stand and watch
It feels like I have been out here
For only a few minutes,
It’s been hours,
My Lakeside Home.

The sun slowly sets,
The colors illuminate the water
In shades of purple and magenta,
My Lakeside Home.

I slowly trudge along the sand
Looking out at the water.
The wind has picked up
I don’t want to leave.
I hear the gentle cooing of the birds
So soft and sweet it’s like a lullaby,
But I do,
My Lakeside Home.

Nothing special
A tiny yellow house with chipping paint,
Covered by wild flowers and ivy.
The grass is up to my calf,
It whistles as the wind passes thru.
The grass itself looks like an ocean,
A sea of green,
But I love it,
A blessing in disguise
My Lakeside Home.

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