I'm Tired

April 6, 2010
By Lissi BRONZE, Glasford, Illinois
Lissi BRONZE, Glasford, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
If it looks good you'll see it,
If it sounds good you'll hear it,
But if it's real you feel it!

Tired of early mornings
Tired of working long days

Tired of no direction
Tired of unhappiness

I’m Tired of living a disgruntled life.

Tired of fear
Tired of your judgment

Tired of seeing your unoriginality
Tired of their stares

I’m Tired of not being me.

Tired of surrendering
Tired of feeling weak

Tired form your words
Tired from my actions

Exhausted by this life…

Tired of no sleep
Tired from late nights

Tired of feeling unsafe
Tired from their lies

I’m tired of being exhausted.

Exhausted from caring
Exhausted from living

I’m too exhausted to do anything.

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