For Honor There Was Anger

April 6, 2010
If one wants peace they must war for it
Fighting aroused by bombs blasted to their feet
Angry is the thought in a mans mind
For there towers have fallen and so have their fathers
Wars previously have given examples of what is next for them
Bullets spit faster then a frog for a fly
Impacted and wounded these men are bruised for years to come
Sand is raised after a bomb explodes without any remorse
Clouds are higher then there towers before once known
Mad and Furious soldiers fight for an eternity
Angry, their veins bloom like a flower, from their foreheads they pulse
Bullets shoot like an electric rain
Do these men not feel Pain?
War is forever going and never ending
What do these men see after there Anger is vanished?
These bullets are like pills
After a shot they fall down as if they were going to sleep
The first few moments the Anger descends with honor begins
A new feeling of pride and confidence join together
Creating a bond, the soldiers fall
Like dominos one by one they drop
Tags collected from these dogs
These soldiers are dead
The battlefield is silent
Sadness is seen from the eye
Anger is seen from the mind
Honor is Pulsing in the dead
Guns lie open with shell ejected
Some are men and some are not even eighteen
Without these brave men their Honor is not seen
Not even seen it is felt from their history installed
The battlefield is a cemetery for they have done their part
Veterans live Angered for whom they have not killed
Honored…pulse the dead for their Anger is no longer instilled

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