Changing Seasons

March 26, 2010
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The flowers and trees shiver in the wind
And every animal is getting ready to hole up in their home
Chipmunks scurry across the grass
Hoping to find enough food to last
Smoke begins to poor out of chimneys on the roof
And the changing temperature is the clue.

Leaves begin to fall and drop another clue
Scents of pumpkin and spice travel to you in the wind
Leaves clutter up the gutters on the roof
The only warm place around is home
All the leaves have dropped at last
tThere is no longer a green tint to the grass.

Children bundle up so they can go play on the grass
And when it’s to cold to go outside, they stay in and play clue
When they play tag no one wants to be it last
All night long I listen to the howling wind
And count my blessings, how great it is to have a home
It’s wonderful having a cozy fireplace under your roof.

Now the reindeer are tapping on your roof
There is no longer any grass
It’s cold and blustery and you’re so happy to be home
The sky begins to spit snow and give you a clue
As the naked trees sway in the wind
Then the sun peeks our and the storm is over at last.

The cold is slowly leaving at last
Snow is beginning to melt off the roof
Flowers are coming to life with the warmness of the wind
And people will soon be mowing their grass
Warm weather is the animals’ clue
To come back out and build a new home.

They will raise babies in their new home
And will chirp and sing at last
Hearing a “cheep cheep” in the morning is a clue
That baby birds are on the roof
Everything is lush green including the grass
Rarely is there a cool wind.

It’s great to be home under a protecting roof
And summer should last all year so I can always lie in the grass
But that clue always comes so I leave the seasons to the earth and wind.

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